Client:Capital City Services
Date:May 21, 2014

Capital City Services

Who they are: Capital City Services was established in 1978, serving the Richmond and Tri-Cities areas. They began by providing a long list of services which included: plumbing, drain cleaning, and heating and cooling services. Today their services have expanded in to include pipe and culvert cleaning, underground utility locating and installing new water, gas and sewer lines. To learn more about Capital City Services visit their website.

The Challenge: No reliable data backup solution or IT services

Capital City Services came to Cloud Managed Services Group with a failed hard drive that contained extremely vital data to their operations. This was the second time they had issues with their backup which lead to a loss of data; the first time the company they used was not able to recover any of the lost data.

After an initial assessment of Capital City Services we found that they had no data backup, no one managing their data to make sure it was backing up and they had no real ongoing IT support for the office.

After an extensive recovery operation all but 1 file was recovered successfully. That’s 85,269 out of 85,270 files!

The Solution: Cloud Managed Service Group’s IT support and managed data.

We recommended Cloud Workstation Setups on all computers, a Network Upgrade w/NAS, and CloudManaged Data. Capital City Services approved and implementation began:

  • All computers underwent a full diagnosis to uncover any hardware or software issues. After diagnosis, the computers were set up with our ongoing remote management/maintenance software.
  • The entire network was upgraded to operate at gigabit speeds and a Network Attached Storage(NAS) device was installed to house all data. Both the network equipment and NAS were connected to a UPS with network protection.
  • Our managed data backup service was installed on all computers. This backs up the NAS as well. All data is stored on the NAS and a local backup is made daily as well as an off-site backup. These backups are checked and verified daily.


The Result: Fully managed IT support and data

Since implementation, Capital City Services has experienced:

  • Ongoing support on all machines which maintains productivity throughout the office.
  • Worry-free data backup with daily alerts and weekly reports.
  • Improved budgeting and control with IT maintenance and support included in one fixed monthly fee.