Client:Dominion Women's Health
Date:May 08, 2014

Dominion Women’s Health

Who they are: Dominion Women’s Health (DWH) has 3 clinical locations in Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Tappahannock, Virginia. They specialize in women’s health care needs.

The Challenge: DWH had 3 different servers in it’s Mechanicsville location. Their main domain controller was Server 2003 and it ran Intergy. A second Server 2003 server ran it’s main Viewpoint software. They also had a Linux server dedicated to image storage for the Viewpoint software. Both windows servers were constantly running very high CPU usage due to them being under spec for the requirements of the office.

It’s other two locations on Forest Ave in Richmond and in Tappahannock did not have an active connection with the main location.

The Solution: All 3 servers at DWH’s Mechanicsville location needed to be replaced with 1 powerful server. DWH needed separate RAID arrays for each software suite for data storage. All of it’s workstations needed to be updated with Windows 7 pro machines and configured on the domain. We recommended to setup an IP/Sec VPN tunnel between the Forest Ave and Mechanicsville locations. The Tappahannock location needed to have a VPN setup and it did not have dedicated internet…this needed to be done so it could use remote desktop services to connect to the new server for Intergy.

The Result:  Cloud Managed Services Group replaced all 3 servers at the DWH Mechanicsville location and consolidated them into one. The server ran Intergy natively and Viewpoint on a virtual machine. The Forest Ave, Mechanicsville and Tappahannock locations were linked with a VPN and were then able to join the primary domain, run Intergy and access Viewpoint. Separate RAID arrays were established for each software suite for data storage. All computers were replaced with Windows 7 Pro computers and are being managed by the domain controller.

We are in the process of getting a direct fiber connection between DWH’s existing locations and the new location currently under construction at Watkins Center in Midlothian, Va. This will allow for the 3 main sites to connect to the main server, share internet and all be under the domain controller. The sites will have latency of less than 45ms to allow remote sites to access software virtually as fast as local machines.