SLA Terms And Conditions

Prioritization Criteria Guidelines:

High Priority Problem that affects an entire site or individual and is preventing them from working. 30 minutes
Mid Priority Problem that is interfering with a persons job, but not preventing them from doing it. 3 hours
Nuisance Issue Does not require immediate resolution and is not impeding your job function 24 hours

Response Time Criteria

High Priority: 30 minutes first response. Problem that affects an entire site or individual and is preventing them from working.

Mid Priority: (3 hours). Problem that is interfering with a persons job, but not preventing them from doing it.

Nuisance Issue:(24 hours).  Does not require immediate resolution and is not impeding your job function

Onsite Service: All support request will be responded to according to the guidelines below. Onsite service will be determined by technician and if is a necessity to resolve service request. All onsites for “Convenience” will incur a $99.00 Onsite Convenience fee.

Escalation: All tickets will start with remote diagnosis via a level 1 technician. Cloud will deem when necessary when to escalate to onsite or in-store service, or intervention by a level 2 or level 3 technician.

Limitations, Terms and Conditions Of  Supported Products And Services

Cloud Computers offers support for the following products. Service is an incident-specific, reasonable-effort troubleshooting and problem-resolution service for certain mainstream products and applications. All of the technicians at Cloud have a sincere desire to make all our customers happy however due to limitations and access to certain software and hardware we cannot guarantee all hardware and or applications.

End User Training: We offer Specific Skill-set Support/End User Training and software tutoring on a per incident case at $149.00 hr. for most software. Proprietary software is on a case by case basis.

Some Common Training Examples Are:

  • Sorting email. Designing filters and best practices for email management.
  • Image editing and organizing for pictures such as Picasa.
  • Contacts management. Organizing and syncing data across multiple devices.

Cloud Computers Excludes Support For:

  • Online Games: These free sites typically have spyware and malware attached to them and in most cases are a security threat to the end user as well as cause many computer issues. We have large amounts of data supporting through the analyzation of years of ticket history.
  • Media Sites: such as Netflix, Hulu,
  • Social Media: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
  • Gambling and Adult Oriented Websites: (See Online Games Above)

Proprietary Peripherals Hardware And Software:  Standard support does not cover proprietary hardware and software and devices connected to the computer.

  • Proprietary Hardware and Software: Typical products include certain mainstream applications such as Quickbooks, ACT, Quicken. Microsoft Office. In some instances, certain network appliances such as Sonicwall routers can be added to support. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee 3rd party proprietary equipment or software.
  • The Cloud Protection Service will provide assistance for proprietary software insofar that Cloud can serve as the go-between with the manufacturer or provider of the software. It is expected that the client will maintain a support contract with the vendor for hardware and software support for new releases, upgrades, updates, and installations. Cloud does not have the means to code or otherwise repair certain proprietary software, nor does it have any control over expressed hardware warranties. Cloud cannot warrant proprietary hardware or software nor provide it.

Server Support: Out of scope exclusions and activities will be billed at our hourly rate or included as a separate specific item.

  • All hardware or replacement parts
  • Training
  • Hardware or software upgrades
  • Relocation services
  • Any unexpected item not explicitly included in the scope of services
  • Compliance
  • Cost of consumables, replacement parts, hardware, software, network upgrades and associated services are outside the scope of this agreement.
  • Manufacturer warranty parts and labor/services.
  • Periodic reboots for such devices as firewalls, routers, and servers are required to apply/activate critical update patches and configuration changes.
  • Cloud Managed Services Group’s support services within this agreement are predicated upon the CLIENT’S support and commitment to providing time/scheduling for network device reboots with its staff and/or users support.
  • Application software support is limited to the manufacturer’s products and support manual.
  • Printer maintenance support is limited to non-warranty servicing of printer products.
  • Virus mitigation within the scope of this agreement is predicated on CLIENT satisfying recommended backup schemes and having appropriate Anti-Virus Software with current updates.
  • Restoration of lost data caused by systems/hardware failure
  • This agreement and support services herein are contingent on CLIENT’S permission of Cloud Managed Services Group having secure remote access into CLIENT’S network (eg. VPN, Citrix/AccessIT, Telnet, SSH, RAS or other solution expressly approved by Cloud Managed Services Group). Depending on the remote access solution used, additional charges may apply to the contract.

Cloud Managed Services Group will provide consultative specification, sourcing guidance and/or Time and Material/Project offerings.

Support services required or requested outside the scope of this agreement may not be exchanged for days or services within this agreement. Outside of scope support services are available and will be provided on either a time and material, or rpoject basis.