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COVID-19 Update (Mar 27, 2020)

Travis Carper

Cloud Managed Services Group would like our clients to know of the precautions we are taking to keep our firm and community safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The information on how best to respond to the coronavirus changes rapidly and we are receiving additional directives from federal, state and local authorities on a daily basis. Therefore, our policies have been dynamic as well, and this message may change as updates are made.

What’s changing?

As of 3/27/2020:

  • Our offices remain open; however we have implemented additional safety measures to cut down on potential infection spread. We have requested that all meetings take place over the phone or via video conference. Essential staff are present as necessary.

  • All non-essential travel has been halted.

  • Engineers and staff can work from home and are available to our clients; our ability to serve clients remains the same.

  • We have a business continuity plan in place to assure our clients that we will continue to provide uninterrupted service.

  • All vendors, delivery persons, couriers and service persons must sanitize their hands upon arrival in our lobby and must remain in the lobby.

The firm is committed to working together to ensure that we maintain productivity for the benefit of our clients and our community of Engineers and staff, while doing all that is necessary to protect ourselves and our community from the spread of infection.

If you have specific questions about how the firm is handling COVID-19, please feel free to contact us directly.

Best regards,

Travis Carper  |  Founder/CEO

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