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The 7 Ways AI is Transforming IT Support in Enterprises

Trent Waskey
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“Fast changing work patterns require enterprises to change how business users are supported. Artificial intelligence is a key part of how IT leaders can meet those changes and deliver an excellent workforce experience.”

For the under-pressure IT department, the delivery of high-quality IT user support to a large enterprise is not easy. Budgets remain under pressure and the fluid demands of partial or fully remote workers continue to demand innovation and flexibility. Those leading transformation efforts need to promote the value of AI to deliver results.

Here’s how AI is changing user support.

1. Unify internal IT knowledge

Starting with the basics, most organizations found how they shared IT and business safety knowledge was a critical issue during and beyond COVID. For most organizations, serving internal knowledge through traditional systems was insufficient. People missed messages among the avalanche of emails, not every worker checked updated FAQs or knowledge bases across many departments.

Having established ad hoc procedures across 2020 and into 2021, now enterprises need to unify and harmonize their information as part of digital transformation efforts. This is where an AI system, collating knowledge within the help desk, can provide a value-additive experience to improve worker awareness and keep all teams up to date.

2. Autonomously serve relevant information

Being able to autonomously serve knowledge saves the IT team having to gather information from a wide range of sources. Instead, a capable AI will understand the natural language query of a user request, fetching the relevant information for them from any internal knowledge sources, from IT FAQs, third-party sources (ideal when provider, government or industry-specific advice changes) and other resources.

3. Auto-resolve the majority of support requests

Machine-learning powered AIs are self-learning and can improve their performance to best resolve a user request. That saves workers having to trawl the archives, or more often than not, open an IT support ticket. Instead, most tier 1 support issues will be able to be resolved in just seconds.

When properly implemented, this approach can see over 70% of IT support requests can be solved this way. That helps reduce support costs and frees up IT staff to work on more pressing matters. In the case of Cloud’s managed AI helpdesk, it equates to nearly a 10x return on investment. We’d love to show you how.

4. Empower users with self-service

Additional benefits see any enterprise able to drive other self-service initiatives, moving workers and IT users away from expecting instant manual help and support. It also encourages workers to search for help themselves, rather than sitting in silence because they “don’t want to bother someone” or “don’t want to appear ignorant.

5. Reduce downtime and demands on IT support

An AI-enabled helpdesk can reduce user downtime and risk of them finding support through unauthorized avenues. And, with an automated helpdesk, a managed service like Cloud deliver far more than a simple legacy chatbot. We’re partned with cutting-edge AI software vendors so together, we can build a seamless support experience.

6. Enabling automation (RPA)

Automation is an inevitable part of the changes sweeping through IT and other departments. Automation saves management and operator time, provides dashboards to show key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides faster alerts to issues.

We help enterprises build an AI-enabled helpdesk that integrates deeply within their ecosystem of IT infrastructure and tools. That means being able to tie directly into existing ticketing systems to further enhance the AI’s learnings, connect to cloud services to automate repetive tasks, and build custom user-facing workflows.

7. Making AI and IT a positive experience

Outside of technical roles, IT in general and the role of AI can appear to be scary and threatening, both to workers and traditional business leaders. By delight users with amazing support services, boosting employee productivity and helping deliver improved business results, AI-based IT support can help overcome the FUD and concerns people may have.

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